Why come to Bebe Botha for mentoring and to help?

Bebe has been a coach and mentor for more than 25 years. She worked in different oncology departments in South Africa and the UK where within the remit of her role, she undertook the support, coaching and mentorship of clients, students and qualified professionals who had problems, or wanted to become an enhanced version of themselves within the workplace.

She is a certified coach and mentor with a rich personal experience and has an innate understanding of what people need most.

Her academic background and experience is within the para-medical field.

Bebe has run coaching and mentorship programmes in cooperation with a London University within the NHS, and in her academic role while lecturing in Therapeutic Radiography for many years.

Bebe enjoys working with healthcare professionals and students. Her own ambition is to help as many people as she can reach. She makes use of a full range of modern technology such as Skype, mobile, web-based technology plus face to face sessions.

Her clients say that her coaching is affordable and that she truly “gets” what their problems are and help them to solve these problems by thinking differently. She offers a fast track, reliable and repeatable process while applying the most recent neuroscience research.

If you want to make a change in your life, dial up your performance rates and make a significant difference in your working environment, contact Bebe on email or mobile soon.